1. Phillip Glass – the Birth Of The Fawn
2. Flying Lotus – Massage situation
3. Zomby – Godzilla
4. Lil B – I’m God
5. Extra Life – The Refrain
6. Dj Omega – Sweet Love’in
7. Geeneus – Gelay n°1
8. Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente
9. Missy Elliott – Click Clack
10. Untold – Don’t Know, Don’t Care
11. Joker – Zariak
12. Hollywood Holt & Million $ Mano – Stylin on You
13. Terror Danjah Feat. Swindle – Kiss Chase
14. Asia Lynn – Bite My Swagg
15. Pangaea – Memories

„Brodinski has elaborated a musical experiment inspired by our new collection DERIVE / DRIFT
Stylistically far removed from his techno sets, the result is an introspective stroll through constantly changing landscapes, each informing the next, revealing a previously unknown facet of his creative persona.“

– via Hixsept

Look out for „Arnold Classics“ by Brodinski himself  – soon.

The EP will be released on Sinden’s new founded Label „Grizzly“. Remixes up to this point by: Egyptrixx, Tony Senghore, Dj Sega and Supabeatz !

Egyptrixx has just released the great Battle for North America EP on „AAh! Real Monsters Records“ and Tony’s Remix of Major Lazers „When you hear the Bassline“ will soon be out on Mad Decent!

just made a twitter account for blog purposes. will see what I can do it with it…


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